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Teen Alcohol Addiction Quiz for Parents

  1. Does your teen ever smell of alcohol?
  2. Has your teen ever been caught drinking at school?
  3. Is your teen avoiding school activities and/or old friends?
  4. Has your teen ever driven a car after drinking or been in a car when the driver had been drinking?
  5. Is your teen having mood swings?
  6. Has your teen’s personality changed, e.g. was he/she once calm and now he/she argues about everything?
  7. Does your teen miss school because they wake up vomiting or with headaches?
  8. Are your teen’s grades dropping to Cs, Ds or are they failing classes?

A score of even one “yes” indicates your teen may have a potential problem. Contact us at 602-251-8535 to schedule an assessment today. We’re available to take your calls around the clock.

Mental Health

Mental Health

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